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Nursery Garden

The Nursery  garden overlooks the beautiful countryside with stunning views of the local area. The garden area offers many exciting features including a custom built tree house which overlooks the fields behind the nursery where children can regularly observe, tractors at work and livestock such as cows and sheep. The tree house is also used for climbing, role play and space where children can enjoy being together in a group.

View from the Nursery Garden Tree House

We have a mud hut for children to enjoy in many different ways exploring the open ended possibilities it offers  in making mud pies, playing with dinosaurs, climbing in and out, digging and building. On the back of the hut is a ball run which children use to run objects such as balls and cars down.

Our role play house offers the opportunities for children to take on roles whether it is a house, ice cream parlour or Daybreak travel agents the possibilities are endless.

We have a quiet cosy space with beanbags and soft flooring for children to sit together and socialise, read books and sing.

We have a large sandpit children are able to climb inside to dig in, our large blackboard encourages children to make marks.

We have 2 large tractor tyres one of which has been transformed into a wig wham for children to gather together and hide, the other tyre children climb up on and practice their balancing skills walking around it. We also have several small tyres that children enjoy rolling around the garden and using to construct dens.

The Garden mud hut
The Nursery Garden mud hut

The newest addition to our garden is our bespoke built water discovery centre which provides children with the opportunity to explore, volume, shape, size, mechanics, cause and effect, gravity, float and sinking as well as many other learning opportunities. The centre is very interactive and the children love it.

We also have bikes, balls, balancing beans, beanbags, hoops, large wooden blocks for building, materials to develop dens etc.

We use our outdoor area all year round to develop children’s learning in all 7 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Water discovery centre
Water discovery centre