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Sunshine Room


We have many resources available to the children to choose freely from our role play area changes as often as the children’s interest do, it can be a hospital, shop, travel agents, house, garden centre or anything else the children decide. Children enjoy reading books with practitioners but also independently on their own or with their friends. Children love technology and develop their skills through using the computer, digital cameras, lightbox, torches etc. Children construct their own structures using a wide range of construction materials including train tracks. The writing area encourages children to start to make marks for a purpose. At our creative station children’s creative thinking is developed as they set their own goals, make their own plans in choosing the resources they need to create their own piece of work. There is always plenty of opportunity for sensory exploration with; sand, paint, gloop, cornflour, shaving foam to name a few.

All our activities and resources are carefully planned to develop children’s knowledge in all 7 areas of learning whilst having lots of fun.